Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cupcakes Galore!!!

A while ago, I had worked on an order for 2 dozen vanilla cupcakes and the customer specifically request for royal icing and not butter-cream. She wanted to distribute them among friends and family. Now I knew this person loves bright colors and she pretty much left the decorating upto me. The only instructions I had were they had to be fun and some of them had to have sprinkles. What else does someone who makes cupcakes need to hear? Here's what I did -

Cupcakes - Purple

Cupcakes - Green

Cupcakes - Brown

Cupcakes - Yellow

Cupcakes - Pink

Cupcakes - White

Assorted cupcakes

And just for fun, I work on a bunch of assorted minis.Cute! Aren't they?

Assorted Mini Cupcakes

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