Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner. This year too we have plenty of goodies made to order.

All prices mentioned below are per kg, unless otherwise specified. Here's what we're making this year -

Marzipan                            Rs.850/-
Milk Cream                        Rs.850/-
Date Rolls                          Rs.550/-
Jujubes                               Rs. 250/-
Nankatais                           Rs.500/-
Coconut Toffee                  Rs.450/-

Decorated Christmas cakes                                                Rs.1,200/-
Rich Dark Fruit Cake (with dry fruit )                                 Rs.700/-
Dark Fruit Cake (with tutti frutti)                                        Rs.500/-
Rich Light Fruit Cake (with dry fruit)                                  Rs.600/-
Light Fruit Cake (with tutti frutti)                                        Rs.450/-
Bathka (Coconut cake)                                                      Rs.450/-
Date & Walnut Cake                                                         Rs.650/-
Vanilla Sponge cake                                                          Rs.400
Rich Chocolate brownies                                                   Rs.40/- per piece

Assorted Chocolates - Contact us for the pricing for a customized assortment.
(Varieties include Plain dark chocolates, Almond/Walnut/Cashew rocks,Nut / Raisin centered chocolates, Fruit N Nut chocolates,
Praline chocolates, Marzipan / Coconut centered chocolates, Rice crisps chocolates,
Mint / Orange flavoured chocolates, Biscuit centered chocolates, Wafer centered chocolates and lots more)

Note - Special decorative packaging available on request.
**Corporate gifting packages also available**

Last date to place your order is 15th Dec 2011.

Call us on 9769713102 or email us at clairespartysupplies@gmail.com
Please leave a contact number if you're sending us an email.

Sunday, November 13, 2011